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31 August 2016 | Phil Brown

The virtue of simplicity

Over-complex, fragmented IT infrastructures are seriously damaging the ability of today’s businesses to compete. VersaStack, the leading integrated infrastructure solution from Cisco and IBM, enables businesses to dramatically simplify their IT environment. The Virtue of Simplicity campaign, which OneGTM helped ...

17 August 2016 | Phil Brown

Helping unleash the power of cloud communications

We’re pleased to be working with a number of Broadsoft’s partners to help businesses understand how cloud communications can help them unleash their full potential.

15 July 2016 | Phil Brown

Assessing the value of through-channel marketing automation

Once upon a time, in a technology industry far, far away, vendors did marketing, and channel partners did selling. The vendors generated the demand, resellers fulfilled it. But times have changed. Channel businesses have evolved, and so has the buying landscape.

4 May 2016 | Phil Brown

The challenges of marketing converged solutions

Convergence is an important trend across many areas of the technology industry. Yet taking converged solutions to market presents a distinct set of challenges, which are not always recognised. In this article I look at some of the areas that ...

13 January 2016 | Phil Brown

UK channel appears healthy despite the forces of change

As I’ve written about previously, the ICT channel is currently having to deal with change from multiple directions – the move to cloud, the growing importance of managed services, the continued convergence of technology, changing buying behaviours, increasing concerns over ...

10 July 2015 | Phil Brown

Winning business through the channel

Simultaneous technological and social transformations over the last decade have fundamentally changed the way in which B2B customers buy technology. With traditional sales and marketing approaches less and less effective, channel organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain sales ...

29 May 2015 | Phil Brown

Partner engagement: what’s your story?

A common issue we hear when talking to vendors is the low level of engagement from many of their channel partners. Channel leaders are often frustrated that more of their partners aren’t eagerly devouring their email updates, knocking down the ...

24 April 2015 | Phil Brown

Sales enablement: the missing link in your content marketing strategy?

Offering insight and thought leadership is increasingly important for both marketing and sales success. Yet evidence suggests that many organisations are failing to join the dots between their content marketing programmes and their sales efforts. Anyone involved in technology marketing ...

11 March 2015 | Phil Brown

Succeeding with MSPs – the new challenge for vendors

Anyone involved with the IT channel today will know that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are becoming an increasingly important route to market for vendors. Many of the vendors and service providers we work with, particularly those targeting the SME market, ...

2 December 2014 | Phil Brown

When does a journey begin?

Understanding your customers’ journey is a critical element in any successful content-led marketing programme. Yet organisations often think about their customers’ journey too narrowly, and are therefore missing out on significant opportunities to engage and influence their customers in the ...