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8 March 2017 | Phil Brown

eGuide: Drive growth through the channel

In times past, putting together a campaign for the channel probably consisted of not much more than cobbling together some email copy, a call out script and some product collateral, and shipping it out to partners with a covering note reminding them how great your product is.

However, this approach just won’t work today, if it ever did before.

Today, technology is transforming, buyer behaviours are modifying, new channel business models are emerging, and marketing techniques are evolving rapidly. In such a changing landscape, it’s no surprise that technology vendors and service providers have been re-thinking their go-to-market approach.

The days when vendors stimulated demand and resellers fulfilled it are long gone. Through-channel marketing has become increasingly vital as a way to drive business growth. Many vendors and service providers are increasingly focused on how they can engage their channel partners in their marketing programmes, and unlock the channel’s potential as a demand generation engine.

However, evidence suggests that many vendors are still not doing through-channel marketing in a structured, programmatic way; we see a number of common pitfalls with vendors’ attempts to market through their channel, which are preventing them realising their growth potential.

At OneGTM we specialise in helping such vendors and service providers build successful through-channel marketing programmes. Based on our experience creating successful through channel marketing campaigns We’ve pulled together this guide based on our experiences and what we regard as best practice.

Download the eGuide here >