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1 November 2016

Helping Equinix and Google solve customers’ cloud platform challenges

Businesses are increasingly utilising cloud services, such as Google Cloud Platform, to meet their computing needs. But accessing these platforms often brings its own challenges, such as unreliable connectivity, slow access to data and increasing network costs.

OneGTM client, Equinix’s Cloud Exchange service, allows customers to maximise the benefits of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by providing direct, secure and reliable access to your apps.

We recently worked with Equinix to create a combined offering video, communicating to end-customers and Google Cloud Platform partners how Equinix addresses many of the problems customers are likely to be experiencing as they migrate infrastructure and services to GCP.
This has been used by Equinix online, at events, and locally by sales teams to communicate the message with partners and end users. It has been so well received that following the initial English version, it has since been translated and re-purposed into 4 more languages.
Check out the video here.