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11 May 2020 | Phil Brown

Helping Equinix partners respond rapidly to the new reality

In a recent blog we discussed the importance of vendors and service providers proactively supporting their channel partners during the current Covid-induced crisis. OneGTM client, Equinix offers a great example of how a company can move quickly to help partners, ...

4 May 2020 | Phil Brown

8 steps to better through-channel marketing

Through-channel marketing has never been more important. Vendors use it to get cut through in competitive markets by leveraging channel partners’ unrivalled understanding of customer needs. But not all through-channel marketing campaigns are equal, and it can be all too ...

11 December 2019 | Phil Brown

Content: the long and the short of it

With the demand for fast information, and snappy opinions, easily digested on a mobile device, you would be forgiven for thinking that long-form content is no longer relevant. However, higher word-count publications (>1000 words) have hidden benefits, and changes in ...

9 December 2019 | Phil Brown

Is your ‘thought leadership’ leading anywhere useful?

Recent research has shown just how big an impact thought leadership can have on B2B purchase decisions, with 58% of business decision-makers saying that thought leadership has directly led them to award business to an organization. However, all too often ...

25 September 2019 | Phil Brown

ABM: Fad or Fortune?

Account Based Marketing, or ABM, is one of the most talked about trends in B2B marketing. ABM enthusiasts make many claims – from improved Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) to enhanced customer advocacy – but for those companies that have ...

19 September 2019 | Phil Brown

From LinkedIn to leads

Being able to laser target marketing to very specific audiences has long been the holy grail of B2B marketers, which helps to explain the growing importance of LinkedIn as a way to reach targeted decision-makers. With improved analytics and filtering, ...

26 October 2018 | Phil Brown

The Power of Personas

A lot of technology marketing focuses on product or service features and business benefits, often ignoring the needs and attitudes of the people that actually influence and make purchasing decisions. Understanding buyer personas is an important element in ensuring your ...

17 July 2018 | Phil Brown

Don’t let your cloud story get lost in the fog

In the rush to grab a piece of the cloud action, too many providers are resorting to generic, me-too messaging that fails to cut through. Given the multi-dimensional nature of the cloud, IT companies need to get down to specifics in order to stand out from the crowd.

19 April 2018 | Phil Brown

Partner engagement: what’s your story?

A common issue we hear when talking to vendors is the low level of engagement from many of their channel partners. Channel leaders are often frustrated that more of their partners aren’t eagerly devouring their email updates, knocking down the ...

13 December 2017 | Phil Brown

No vendor is an island

“No man is an island” wrote English poet, John Donne, in the 17th century. Well if he’d been writing in the 21st century he could also have written that “no vendor is an island”, because it’s increasingly true that the ...