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23 December 2015

OneGTM does Brussels!

This year’s Christmas Party certainly did not disappoint. To make a change from our usual London-based festive celebrations, this year we decided to take a day trip to the capital of chocolate, beer and all things yummy. Despite a painfully ...

17 December 2015 | Harry Thomas

Why winning business through the channel means changing the way you play the game

Anybody involved in the marketing and selling of business technology knows that the rules of the game have changed dramatically in the last few years. Traditional push-based marketing is generating decreasing returns. B2B customers now want perspectives and insight, not ...

7 October 2015

Making your channel marketing budget go further

Channel marketing budgets are constantly under pressure as vendors seek to adapt their approach to reflect the changing B2B buying landscape. However many vendors could make their channel marketing budgets go further by working smarter. In this article we look ...

28 September 2015 | Tim Hallac

OneGTM complete the half marathon

Liz, Tim and Sarah competed in the Ealing 2015 Half Marathon this weekend and have just about recovered from the experience to tell the story. Thinking it would be good team building activity, at the start of the summer Sarah ...

17 July 2015

How to drive value from joint business planning

The process of Joint Business Planning often leaves much to be desired. In this article we discuss some of the common problems and offer insight into improvements you could make.

10 July 2015 | Phil Brown

Winning business through the channel

Simultaneous technological and social transformations over the last decade have fundamentally changed the way in which B2B customers buy technology. With traditional sales and marketing approaches less and less effective, channel organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain sales ...

6 July 2015

How to create a great infographic

If a picture tells a thousand words, then an infographic is priceless.

3 July 2015 | OneGTM

Team night out at the cricket

'We've got you a ticket to watch the cricket on Wednesday, Ben, I was told on Sunday night.

29 June 2015

OneGTM’s recent interview with CRN about our new channel marketing guide

Phil Brown, one of our Directors, was recently interviewed by CRN to discuss our new channel marketing guide called “Winning Business Through the Channel”. Our new guide explores the way buying cycles have changed in the channel and offers advice on the key marketing ...

15 June 2015

Helping two market leaders go-to-market successfully together

Red Hat and Symantec’s alliance is designed to offer their customers a secure, robust and flexible path to the next generation IT infrastructure. OneGTM worked with the combined Red Hat and Symantec team to help define their joint propositions and ...