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19 September 2018

Communicating the key trends shaping today’s digital economy

For the second year, our client Equinix – the world’s largest IBX data centre and colocation provider – has published the company’s authoritative report on the key trends shaping today’s digital economy: the Global Interconnection Index (GXI) Volume 2. Providing unique insights into how interconnection is becoming the de facto operational method in today’s digital business, the GXI is essential reading for enterprises, IT providers and anyone interested in creating a digital-ready infrastructure.

Did you know that, as the GXI reveals, Interconnection Bandwidth is forecast to grow at nearly 10x the rate of the public Internet by 2021?

Amongst the report’s findings, you can discover:

  • How major macro, technology and regulatory forces are changing the way businesses, consumers and technologies interact
  • Why supporting real-time interactions across distributed eco-systems is at the heart of digital business
  • How businesses are using Interconnection to simplify their IT infrastructure to solve latency, complexity, risk and integration issues

How we’re spreading the word

To support Equinix’s activities in spreading awareness of – and engagement with – the GXI, we developed several assets to support partner and customer communications. Ranging from a video to a partner briefing guide, emails, slides and social media content, we’re enabling Equinix partners to maximise the value of the GXI for their businesses.

Are you digital ready? Download the GXI here

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