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22 April 2019

Does your go-to-market plan have a cowboy’s head and ballerina’s legs?

My kids used to enjoy playing a drawing game, sometimes called ‘Heads, Bodies, Legs’. You may know it. It involves folding a piece of paper into three sections. The first person draws a head and neck on the top section and then turns it over before passing it to the second person with just a small piece of the neck showing below the fold.

The second person then continues the drawing with the torso, the arms and the tops of the legs, before passing it on to a third person to draw the legs and feet. Obviously the fun of the game is that each drawer can’t see the preceding sections of the drawing, so you end up with some interesting looking characters and much hilarity ensues.

I’m sometimes reminded of this drawing game when observing how some companies create and execute go-to-market plans. Often one group will develop a strategy and then hand it over to one or more marketing departments to develop an execution plan. The marketing departments then brief their delivery agencies, who in turn will distil those briefs down to individual briefs for the designer or the sales trainer or the copywriter.