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11 May 2020 | Phil Brown

Helping Equinix partners respond rapidly to the new reality

In a recent blog we discussed the importance of vendors and service providers proactively supporting their channel partners during the current Covid-induced crisis. OneGTM client, Equinix offers a great example of how a company can move quickly to help partners, and by extension those partners’ customers, to respond to the challenges presented by Covid-19.

Covid-19 putting IT networks under pressure

In a few short weeks COVID-19 has transformed the way that most businesses operate. One of the biggest changes is the dramatic shift to home working. One study found that 88% of organisations have encouraged or required their employees to work from home during this time. (1)

This has led to massive increases in business internet and VPN traffic – internet traffic has surged by up to 40% in some affected areas (2) while business VPN traffic has spiked by a staggering 165% since mid-March (3) – and explosive growth in demand for online collaboration tools. Zoom witnessed a 535% rise in daily traffic to the download page, while Microsoft Teams saw daily users jump from 32m to 44m in just one week in March.

This has all put enterprise IT networks – not built to support a largely remote workforce – under intense pressure. As a result, many employees have struggled to reliably access their business apps and the collaboration tools they now rely on, resulting in frustration and lost productivity.

Helping partners help their customers respond

Equinix, the world’s leading provider of interconnection services, is ideally placed to help businesses overcome their urgent infrastructure challenges and keep remote employees working. Equinix’s services enable companies to rapidly scale network capacity, and also allow them to connect directly to all major cloud and collaboration providers within Equinix facilities.

Working with partners is a central part of Equinix’s go-to-market strategy, so Equinix – with some support from OneGTM – has created a Covid-19 Rapid Response on-demand webinar series, helping partners understand how they can utilise Equinix’s services to solve their customers’ most urgent and critical IT problems. The programme has been created and delivered in very short timescales is supported with a range of partner enablement resources.

The Equinix programme ticks a number of boxes that all vendors should be considering at the current time: it communicates the relevance of Equinix’s solutions within the new reality we’re all dealing with, it provides valuable support to partners as they try to adapt to a very different landscape, and it focuses clearly on solving the problems that customers are most concerned about at this time. It also provides a great example of using digital events to engage partners at a time when more traditional f2f methods are not possible. We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Equinix on this programme.

Click here to find out more about the Partner Rapid Response series.

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