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9 March 2017 | OneGTM

Infographic: The secrets to succesful through-channel marketing

Change has impacted every aspect of B2B technology channel marketing in recent years. Technology has changed dramatically with the shift to the cloud, and the growing importance of areas such as IoT and analytics. The channel has changed radically with the transition to new business models and new customer propositions. And the discipline of marketing itself has changed radically, with new approaches emerging to help firms engage hard-to-reach decision-makers.

With through-channel marketing becoming a hot topic in the technology sector in recent years, vendors and service providers are increasingly focused on how they can engage their channel partners in their marketing programmes, and unlock the channel’s potential as a demand generation engine.

As part of our latest through-channel marketing campaign we have created a visual guide to take you through what we identified as the key steps for successful through channel marketing.

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