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14 September 2018

Shaken not stirred or stirred but not shaken

Here at OneGTM we are specialists in creating successful go-to-market programmes, and at a recent team night out we tried our hand at becoming specialists in creating the perfect cocktail.

As well as being great fun and highly collaborative, we discovered that the art and science behind making the perfect cocktail is similar to creating the right go-to-market plans for our clients. Success is driven by ensuring that every element is aligned to the end goal, whether that’s a growth in sales, profitability, or in this instance, by ensuring all the key ingredients produce a tasty cocktail for the whole team to enjoy.

Getting the right balance is key – for cocktails it’s about the right choice and amount of alcohol, fruit and ice, whereas in marketing it’s insight, strategic planning and channel enablement.

For both there are risks at various stages, which if not managed effectively, can cause major headaches later on.

Luckily for our clients, the team at OneGTM has found the perfect recipe to produce more consistent go-to-market programmes than it has for cocktails.