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5 October 2018

Sharing the vision: creating online impact for one of the UK’s largest global AV integrators

Over the last 12 months, our client AVMI – one of the UK’s largest global AV integrators – has introduced a radical new approach to standardise AV solutions around the world. The business has also experience rapid international growth. To dramatise the company’s success, clearly communicate its offering and maximise its online impact, we developed the new AVMI website.

Recently winning the coveted ‘Global Integrator of the Year 2018’ award at the prestigious AV magazine awards, AVMI tasked us with bringing to life their new approach to servicing enterprise-wide engagements, and highlighting their international expansion.

As a full service go-to-market agency, we knew that the success of the website hinged not just on its look and feel and user journey, but also on its impact both in communicating a clear and compelling proposition, and in delivering relevant content that takes buyers on a journey from discovery to purchase.

We worked with AVMI to develop an enterprise-wide story that underpinned the web content and thought leadership assets. Using the messaging we developed, we then mapped out our desired customer journey and user experience to create the website structure. Finally, our website and UX designers delivered the high-impact engagement AVMI wanted.

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