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23 May 2013

What’s in a proposition?

A lot of the work we do is helping clients develop their value propositions and messaging frameworks. Yet sometimes people are uncertain what form their proposition messaging should take. In this article we look at the main elements of a proposition messaging framework.

In a B2B context a value proposition is a way of succinctly communicating to your target customer how you address a need they have in a way that creates value for their business. People use a variety of formats to create the single line value proposition statement.

But a single sentence, although important to enable us to communicate the essence of our proposition, isn’t sufficient for most requirements. If the purpose of the value proposition is to attract our prospective customers’ interest, we need to make sure that when they turn around and say “OK that’s interesting, tell me more” we know what comes next, or else we won’t be able to hold their interest for very long.